I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin

Last night I heard about an incredible Sports story and I wanted to wait until today to hear more facts about it before writing it. Upon hearing more and more of this story, it still doesn’t make sense to me. The more this story unfolds and details become clearer, it just makes the whole thing more confusing.

Manti Teo is a star linebacker in Notre Dame who finished 2nd in Heisman voting this season. This season he lost his grandmother and girlfriend to tragic illnesses and it inspired him to play an amazing season. We find out yesterday night that his girlfriend of YEARS didn’t exist.

Apparently Teo is the victim of an internet hoax. The girl, who he said he loved, didn’t die. She was involved in a prank against him to make him believe and fall for her. But the story gets more confusing because they talked on the phone, for every night until they fell asleep.

So, this isn’t a room full of bullies on a computer simply typing things like “Heyy sexy” and things like that to him. Constant phone conversations, texts, emails, this seems more like a real relationship than a hoax.  But we’ll get back to that.

I want to talk about why this story is so fishy to me. In the world of computers today, where I can sit at a laptop at another part of the world, I can have a live chat with you online on your computer. There are phones that so you can simply see someone talking to you on it. It’s called Facetime, Skype there are probably a ton of others. You never SAW her! Moving on.

She gets into a car accident. You don’t go to visit her? She gets diagnosed with cancer. You don’t go see her? She dies! You don’t go to the funeral? At no point in the years of knowing each other they never $#@$ing met! Not even on a computer scene?

After she died, she called him and told him she was alive and this was fake. What do you mean it’s fake? You talked every night? Something’s a fowl here. Nothing of this story makes sense. I find myself typing and deleting what I wrote because I simply don’t know what’s going on in this story.

NOBODY understands this story. It has so many plot holes that it makes it simply ridiculous to even speak about. Now I’m going to dive deep into this story and talk about the “what if” as in “what if Manti Teo planned this”?

I admit I don’t watch must college football. I watch a few bowl games here and there and know enough about the top players enough to write and talk about it and not sound stupid. I never heard of Manti Teo until after his girlfriend and grandmother died within a few hours of each other. I never heard of him until there was an emotional story about it on ESPN. This story is what got his name out there more. Some unnamed sources say that he knew she didn’t exist. And this was about publicity.

Maybe it’s true, maybe he was fooled. The thing is we won’t get all the facts of this story. It’s almost impossible to get all the facts of this story because the facts don’t make sense. Maybe they didn’t need to meet to fall in love. Maybe he is that gullible. Maybe it’s all a hoax.

I was out yesterday when my father texted me about this story. I rushed home to see it with him, because we both came to love this guy. I thought he is the second coming of Ray Lewis. This story was first perceived to be a hoax by Teo, because of the way it was written on TV.

The tab on ESPN said “Teo girlfriend not real” and the tab “Hoax” were used. So at first glance it made Teo look like the bad guy. Then after hearing about it he looked like a man who was dooped. Then after debating it he looked like an idiot. You don’t go to visit her in 3 years? Then the idea of did Teo plan this comes to mind. It’s a heavily confusing story and will be the most confusing story in sports history. There will be no answers to this story. No clarification at all. So she’s real, but not. Apparently they met, but they didn’t. He said he looked in her eyes….where? On a picture?

I need to end this article, because I can go on for pages about how confusing this story is. But watch ESPN for all the details because this story will come out soon and all the facts will be a little clearer.

Joe Reyes







2 thoughts on “I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin

  1. ryanoudoak says:

    Kudos for tackling this. I’ve been back and forth on this story and can’t find a side to land on that I felt comfortable with. The only thing that made sense to me was to try to parody it. http://ryandoak1.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/notre-dames-2013-recruiting-class-a-hoax/


    • joereyes3 says:

      nothing of this story makes sense. this story is filled with so many plot holes and i dont think we’ll ever fully know what happened. i’m on the fense too. in one sense i believe him and then i dont and then i do again. thanks for viewing and commenting


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