I Actually Believe Him

Last night I watched the Lance Armstrong interview on Oprah’s TV show. He answered every question she threw at him, almost without hesitation. Since Lance Armstrong is considered a “liar” many people wouldn’t be inclined to thinking he’s speaking truthful.

I believe every answer he gave last night. I believe that in his mind he thought he was doing the right thing. Obviously it wasn’t the right thing at all, but I think his answers were truthful on the interview. His answers were horrible, but why hide it now? Everything’s out in the open so it only makes sense to let it all out. He was backed into a corner and the only way to get out of it is to confess.

What really annoys me is what’s going to happen after this interview. Lance will be fine. He will most likely get a book deal. Maybe be a spokesperson for Anti-Doping. Michael Vick did the same thing. He got caught and then became a man who preached anti-animal violence.

Armstrong will get rich off of this. I can only imagine how many people watched Oprah’s show last night. He shouldn’t, but he will. He is the Sports World’s greatest liar. A man who lied about doping and went out on a mission to destroy anyone who opposed him.

Just another story of how the bad guy wins. Sure he got his medals stripped and the record books wiped clean. But I don’t think he really cares about that now. He accepted that and is moving on to start a new life. He will be fine from this and that’s the sad part of this story. No repercussions, no jail time, and the man will get millions from this. Interviews, book sales, publicity, and this man lied and destroyed peoples lives and reputations and will be rewarded for it. How is that possible after all he did?

Joe Reyes


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