Joe Reyes’ Guide For Better Sex

Warning: Graphic Details

First I must first define what the phrase “good sex” is. I define it by 1 simple factor, 1 key thing that is the main difference between “ok” and “great”. Orgasm count. How many times you can get her to orgasm in one session. That is MONUMENTALLY important in the world of sex.

To the fellas out there: our pleasure comes second to hers. She is the focus. She is the one that MUST have the better time. You must be completely unselfish in bed and make sure her pleasure is priority number 1. This insures a number of things.

First of all it strengthens the relationship. Yes, sex is a factor. But it’s not just about putting it in and out. Oh no! It has much more meaning than that. It’s about understanding the woman. Knowing what the things she likes and doesn’t like in bed. It’s about listening to what she likes and doing it with great skill.

Second it makes her want to do this again. If you go 110% and get her off in ways she didn’t know where possible, then you’ll be DAMN sure she’ll want you again. Sex is simple and yet complicated at the same time. It can be simple in the sense that the motion of “in and out” could be used. Yea, it’s possible to just do that, but that’s not memorable or fun for her. It’s simple, it’s boring and that’s not understanding what she likes and wants.

Now let me get into the guide and reveal what you have to do to ensure that she will have a great time and come back to you asking for more. But before I get into it I wanted to say, and I swear to all of you that this is 100% true, my best session lasted about 2 and a half hours and she had at least 15 orgasms. You can do that also following this guide.

First of all: You MUST attempt to go down on her. I use the word “attempt” because just like no 2 snowflakes are alike, no 2 women are alike. I knew a girl that hated the idea of me going down on her. She thought it was a disgusting act. Another girl LOVED it. I almost suffocated because I was doing such a great job that she wanted me to keep on going.

Now how do we do a great job doing that? It’s very simple. Guys….its circled for us. It’s either God or biology or sheer magic, the female body has circled the area that they want us to touch. Guys think doing that is gross. No it’s not. And honestly, if you’re asking her to put your thing in her mouth, then the least you can do is put your face in hers. There’s no fancy motions to do. Believe me, I tried figuring out some. What works best I just catering to that clit. It’s as simple as that. You can try all the fancy stuff you want on it, but just make sure your touching it.

Now on to the actual act of sex. You MUST take control. You MUST be the one in charge. This will allow you to maximize her pleasure and more importantly, make you last longer. If you’re doing the play calling, then you’re controlling the game. And I will later be covering how to last longer in bed.

But back to the act. Multitasking is your best friend. At no time, should you just simply be going through the in and out motions. You have 2 hands and a mouth USE THEM. Kissing is a very intimate thing during sex. It separates just getting off and sex. If you just want to get off then go masturbate because it’s pointless then.

You kiss her lips, her neck, her breasts, whatever you can. This shows passion in bed. You got 2 hands. You grab a hold of something. Play with a nipple, slap an ass cheek.  You just keep on doing something. Honestly how boring is “in, out, in, out, in, out”?  You got to do more than just that. I have never, not even my first time have sex, have I ever just did the motions.

Switch positions. Change it up. You don’t just want to be on top and that’s it. And when you change positions you get access to do different things to her. When you’re behind her, you can do more. Pulling hairs is something some girls like. But some don’t. It’s a guessing game at first. You do something, she reacts with either a positive or a negative, and either you keep doing it or move to something else.

Here is how you’ll last longer in bed and it’s also simple too. The key is your unselfishness and your results in the guesswork. You have to take your mind off of sex. You MUST not focus on how good it feels. You can’t do that, otherwise you’ll finish fast. The way to get your mind off of sex is just a simple matter of thinking about something else. Maybe start reciting lines in your head of your favorite movie. I sometimes make up math problems or think of sports statistics. Whatever works for you, do it.

Another great method of how to last longer is to do something else to her. If you feel like you’re about to finish, you pull out and go down on her.  If she doesn’t want you to use your mouth, then use your hand and fingers. You do something! Doesn’t matter what you do, but don’t you dare just lay there and rest up. Like I stated before, you just keep on doing something.

I couldn’t make this a step by step guide, because then that wouldn’t make sense for you. If I was to do that then I would have to talk about a specific girl and just explain how to get her to orgasm. That wouldn’t help “you” with the girl your with. This is a broad guide because sex is unpredictable. The things she likes and doesn’t like determines what you’re going to do.

It’s not rocket science, but it is complicated in a sense. The keys are simple, don’t be selfish, put her needs above your own, multitask, don’t focus on your own pleasure, and just have fun. Maybe joke around a little but during it. Don’t take it so seriously. It’s sex, you’re supposed to have fun. make it fun for her and she’ll make it fun for you.

I hoped this helped out a bunch of you guys out there. And feel free to ask any questions or if you are curious about anything. Enjoy

Joe Reyes


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