The Following….A Sick Show For The Ages

Fox has created an amazingly job creating Joe Carroll, a sick twisted serial killer. His character is the reason I see this show thriving and being successful for years to come. The show loops you in from the very first scene when Carroll escapes from prison. We don’t know exactly how in the beginning, but we see a collection of prison guards brutally killed.

The show is not solely about Joe Carroll, it’s about the cult following he has. He is a very influential man and has a way of getting people to go what he wants. The people are already disturbed, so Carroll finds ways to make them carry out his bidding.

The only problem is see with all this is that the ties ot this followers is sometimes too outrageous. In the first episode a woman is kidnapped by Carroll’s followers. 2 gay neighbors that have been living there for a while. You’re telling me you got these people to pretend to be friends with this woman for the whole time she was living there? You find out in the trailer for the next episode that they aren’t even really gay! You got 2 guys to pretend to be gay and pretend to be this girl’s friend? A little bit too much I think.

A cop is also involved. A cop for many years too. Off the back I see the main character Ryan Hardy (played by Kevin Bacon) getting betrayed by a fellow officer. It’s just something that has to happen.

The show just started, but it looks great. You can see early on that Carroll is going to steal the show and keep the audience guessing and questioning “who is a follower”. I give it an early 4/5, only because I think that they will have too many twists in it the show that it takes away from it. Check it out on Mondays and 9pm and enjoy.

Joe Reyes


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