Ripper Street

After Jack the Ripper carved his way through the streets of London, he seemed to have gone into hiding. But there are more problems in East End than just the notorious killer. Ripper Street isn’t primarily about Jack the Ripper. It is crime drama about detectives during that time solving crimes.

The first episode was about trying to disprove that a recent murder was actually don’t by the great killer or a clever copycat. Detective Inspector Edmund Reid has been hot on the case of Jack and is the first to disprove that Jack is essentially back to his old ways.

Edmund is from a troubled marriage and puts work above personal life in many instances. He is obviously good at his job and enlists the help of other characters to help him solve crimes. Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake and Doctor Homer Jackson are always with Edmund to lend their assistance.

The show does a very good job at giving these characters a voice and each episode were seeing them make moral choices in order to solve the crimes. At first I thought that Bennet and Jackson were going to have a love-hate type of relationship throughout the show, but it was quickly disbanded because having them constantly on the same page makes the show look more professional.

The streets of East End are always crime ridden. Murders, thieves, drug traffickers and other types of scum litter the streets. The first episode was a copycat killer. The second episode was a street gang of children and their sadistic leader. And now the third episode, a mad man who poisoned the flour supply killing at least 20 people. What will next episode bring? Find out on Saturdays at 9pm on BBC America.

I give the show an early and optimistic 5/5. The acting is amazing; the scenery really brings you in to this time and style of life. And of course, the plot always thickens to the very end. What I am curious about, is if the show will actually have a Jack sighting?

Joe Reyes


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