Sugar Ray Leonard VS Floyd Mayweather Jr








Two very fast and primarily defensive fighters. You take Sugar in his prime and put him against Floyd and it’s a no brainier. First of all we wouldn’t ever see this fight if Sugar was in his prime today. Floyd would just keep ducking him like he’s doing with Manny Pacquiao.

Sugar fought EVERYONE! Bigger, stronger, heavier, it didn’t matter to Sugar at all. If you challenged him then he would fight you. I admit I’m not the biggest fan of Sugar. I still think Marvin Haggler was robbed. I think Sugar is too showboaty in his approach, but that’s how he fights. He lures you in and then takes advantage.

I don’t believe in Floyd at all. He just takes the easy fights now if anything. We see this guy fight maybe twice a year at best.  Boxing today is like that in the sense that fighters don’t fight that often. Maybe that’s because of all the recent head injury knowledge, but something’s got to change.

Floyd mostly picks who he wants to fight. People coming off of losses of fighters past their prime. Many argue that Pacquiao is fighting similar people, but the difference is that people are challenging Pacquiao and he’s stepping up. Floyd isn’t going to set up.

That’s why off the back I think Sugar would win. Both fighters are very similar in fighting style and approach. Their speed is almost unmatched. But Sugar is a tougher man. He doesn’t back down from anyone. He’s a bad man in the ring.

This would be a legendary fight, but it wouldn’t have ever happened in today’s world. Sugar is going to go down as one of the best ever and sadly Floyd will too. But I think Floyd will mostly go on record alone and not toughness and legendary fight moments.

Joe Reyes


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