Destroying Ourselves

I’m writing a book about Nuclear War and wanted to research about the bombs so I could portray it accurately. What I later found really disturbed me. I found out how many nukes the United States and the rest of the world are in possession of.

Now the statistics are a few years old, but should be basically right. About 20 thousand nukes are in the world today. 20 thousand? Someday one of these things is going to have to go off. I remember recently when I heard reports of some country figuring out how to make their own and the world was up in arms about it.

The United States have 8 thousand alone! Maybe people should be up in arms about us having 1. Let alone 8 thousand. Russia has even more; they have about a total of 10 thousand nukes. You have any idea how many times we can blow the world up? I looked it us, about 12 times we can obliterate all life on this planet.

I think we will be the ultimate cause of our demise. We keep on creating weapons to destroy enemies because we fear they are doing the same. Clearly we are ahead of them, by a lot. After the US, France had about 300 nukes. The whole Middle East combines has about the same as France.

I think in my lifetime there will be some sort of nuclear arms fight. The biggest problem is when one nuke is fired, then another will fire and another and another and another….do I have to keep on till I hit 20 thousand? It’s scary because it’s true. And like I said before…I think it’s something that will happen within the next few years….if not sooner.

Joe Reyes


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