The Walking Dead

I really want to like this show. I love zombies and since this is the only show catering to zombies, then I should like it. Apparently the show is a big hit. I only hear good things about it but I have problems watching it and liking it at times.

There is a total lack of intelligence by a majority of the main characters. Their decision making skills are so poor that it’s a wonder that they survived this long. After the way the first season ended I had no intention of watching the second season. But I only did to write a review of it. I wanted to say my point of view of the show.

Now the plot is great. There is no question of that. The second season really had a great story. Even though most of it was on a farm, it still was interesting to watch. The first season ended with the characters finding a military base. Fully functioning, able to house the people and keep them safe for a long time. The guy running it blew it up because he didn’t want to become a zombie. Just pressed the self-destruct like it was no big deal and a two part episode turned into a negotiation.

The characters, more so in season 2, try too hard to make socially correct choices. They try too hard to be the good guys and it just makes them look stupid and more importantly gets their own people killed. I find myself going along with the characters point of view deemed “bad” by the rest of the group. While watching a season 2 marathon, to catch up on the show, I found myself thinking like the character Shane.

Shane is the “do-whatever-the-$@@% you got to do to survive” character. He one of the smartest characters on the show, barring the last few episodes of the season. He had a little love triangle crap that in the end doomed him. it made him make crazy decisions that led to his downfall.

But before that he was the Einstein of the group. At one point they realized the farm they were living on had a barn filled with zombies. The owner of the farm had his infected wife and other loved ones stored away in it hoping for a cure. At one point the owner of the farm would g out into the woods and lasso zombies and drag them to the barn. Shane then took a pickax and pried the door open and shot up all the zombies.

The best clip I found of it was in Spanish for some reason. My apologies

Rick is leading the group of survivors. He tries too hard to be the moral compass of the group. This puts people in danger and gets them killed. In one episode Rick led a group to find a missing survivor. They ended up in a deserted town and were fired upon by a group of renegade survivors.

One person, a teenager, was injured and left for dead by his fellow survivors. Surrounded by zombies, Rick helped the injured boy out, who previously just shot at him and took him back to the farm. The plan was to blind fold him and ditch him far away from the farm so his people won’t be able to find the farm and take it over.

After Shane and Rick brought the boy about 20 miles out, they encountered zombies and went back to the farm. They didn’t drop the kid off. Then they decided to execute him…but they didn’t. They wanted to give it a day or 2 to figure it out. so first you save someone who just shot a you, then you don’t drop him off in the middle of nowhere, then you bring him back, then you want to kill him, then you think about it for a day, then… goes on way too long.

Things like that annoy me about this show. The characters are so stupid at times that I can imagine myself leaving the group of I was with them. Season 3 has started and I will review that when I can, but overall the show is good. I give it a 3/5, but like I said before, the biggest problem I have is some decision making of the group.

Joe Reyes


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