It’s The Same Damn Story?

Slight spoiler

Loved the book, loved the movie, hate the concept of the second one. My problem is I’m not going to read all the books before I watch the movies because I don’t want to spoil it for myself. But I read enough about the second book and did pick it up and read a few chapters so I am able to form an opinion.

I don’t like the direction of the second book/movie. You have Katniss win…and now you throw her back into it again? It’s the exact same thing! I thought it would be prequel explaining what happened to the world and why it’s like this. I thought it would be a revolt against the government. I NEVER expected it was going to be the exactly the same as the first movie.

You’re telling me that the writer couldn’t come up with a different plot? It’s obvious of what’s going to happen. Now again, I didn’t finish the second book, but I predict Peeta is going to die. Got to kill him off. It wouldn’t make sense to throw him back into the Games and have him again come out alive.

I am DEFIANTLY going to see the new movie coming out. I’m a big fan of the first one, but hope I’m wrong about the approach of the second one.

Joe Reyes


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