This Counts As A Donation?

I remember after Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast a lot of sports teams donated money to the relief funds. I remember reading that the NFL donated a little over a million dollars to the relief fund. A million dollars? That’s it!

When I heard that I thought the New York Giants donated a million dollars, but the whole NFL donated a million dollars in total. That’s not even 1% of Mario Williams’ contract. How selfish of them to do something like this. A million dollars is NOTHING to the NFL. There is so much money in that organization that a million dollars doesn’t cut it.

Yes, it’s nice that they donated money, but that’s chump change to them. My dad collects money at work for the relief fund. In a few days the transactions of money were around hundreds of thousands of dollars. These aren’t millionaires donating this money. These are average citizens donating their hard earned money. Did the NFL ask players for the money? Did they ask every player for $2 each? I think this is a polite slap in the face and they should’ve giving a ton of more money to this.

Joe Reyes


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