The Sopranos vs. Boardwalk Empire

                The ultimate gangster showdown. Both shows are very similar in their approach. Both revolve around the mob boss and surround him with professional and personal problems that seem to always impact business. After their first seasons, both shows added new characters and an array of new characters. The side stories began to take over the shows and became the most interesting part of it.

                The Sopranos follows the life of Tony Soprano, a New Jersey mob boss, whose life could be described as “chaotic” to say the least. Running a mob is one thing, but having a dysfunctional family is a whole different story.

                Tony’s life is so chaotic that he even has to go to a therapist, who he almost gets killed in one episode. There really isn’t much of a story. It’s like a “show about nothing” but with a mob aspect. Honestly, I’m not really a fan of this show. I find myself bored watching it.

                Boardwalk Empire, on the other hand, is action packed with a riveting storyline. The show takes place during the Prohibition era and is about the mob trying to stay out of jail and take on their competition.

                The show revolves around Nucky Thompson, a bootlegger who runs a mob that controls Atlantic City. Nucky is in constant fights with rival bootleggers because he is able to get the supplies that other want.

                There is a constant police presence that is on the trail of Nucky. Everyone knows he’s in charge of Atlantic City, they just can’t pin anything on him. Corruption is also everywhere. Cops will take payoffs to let Nucky bring in his supplies.

                The show will go on for years. The ceiling is incredibly high on this show because it revolves around a multitude of ideas and characters. Each character gets their shining moment. Even when they kill off a character they give the character a compelling storyline and makes you feel disappointed to see them leave.

                Boardwalk Empire wins by far in this Matchup. I already gave the show a 5/5 and a must see for action/drama fans.

Joe Reyes



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