What Is A Good Fit?

Now I have to be clear. This ISN’T a prediction article. Over the years I learned that NFL players choose money way above playing for a championship team. So this is just a simple listing of 10 potential free agents and why I think they should go and why.

Mike Wallace- Dallas Cowboys

Dallas needs to open the vault and start grabbing good quality free agents. Wallace’s time in Pittsburg is done and he will be on the move. Dallas has a great group of receivers, but injuries and off the field troubles can only bring Romo down. Wallace had incredible speed and can make the big play when needed. He will be a good fit in Dallas and can really take the offense to a top level. But of course, he has to lessen his asking price.

Reggie Bush- Pittsburgh Steelers

Reggie had a great year on the Dolphins, but I don’t hear much about them retaining him. The Steelers had horrendous luck with their running backs this season. Injuries halted the running game almost entirely. With Ben taking more and more hits, a solid running game will open things up. Bush could not only be a number 2 running back, but maybe the full time starter. Of course he would have to share the load, but to win it all you got to be a team player.

Tony Gonzalez- New England Patriots

What killed the Patriots in the Championship round was Gronk not being healthy. New England thrives when it has both tight ends in the game. Gonzalez is going to retire very soon. Being on New England will save his body a lot of punishment because he won’t be the top receiver, but will still get his share of the touches. He could be a bench player and give Gronk and Hernandez a rest when needed. This will ensure the health of all 3 of their tight ends.

Alex Smith – Jacksonville Jaguars

He deserves to be released. I wrote earlier this season that he shouldn’t be benched and that he should remain sharing the ball with Colin. The Jaguars have been looking to get rid of Blain Gabbert since he stunk it up his rookie year. Alex needs a fresh star and what better place than with a solid running back in MJD.

Ed Reed- New England Patriots

I mostly say this because of his high praise of them in a press interview. The Ravens aren’t going to have enough money to pay his asking price. Reed has to either take a big pay cut or find a new team. And what better team than the team that every year is predicted to win it all.

Sean Smith- Atlanta Falcons

Smith is a highly underrated cornerback. He is a big, physical cornerback that can go toe to toe with the best receivers in the game. After seeing the impact Samuel made on the defense, signing another big cornerback is a great idea.

Osi Umenyiora- Minnesota Vikings

Jared Allen can’t do all the work on his own. That defense needs someone who can put some pressure on quarterbacks. The problem is Osi is asking for a big contract that he isn’t worth. Yes, he is good, but not a top contract. And since he originally was giving the highest paid contract of a Defensive End ever, he shouldn’t try to do that again.

 Greg Jennings- Cincinnati Bengals

That would be interesting. A.J Green and Greg Jennings would be the best wide receiver tandem in the league. Jenning’s time in Green Bay is over and he could use a fresh start. Since he was injured last season, most teams will be weary to offer him a big contract. When he’s healthy, Jennings is a top tier receiver. And with Green, he won’t have to be the premier target.

Felix Jones- New York Jets

I never believed in Shone Green as the starting running back. His best years were when he was a backup to Jones and Tomlinson. Felix Jones has had some injuries in the past, but that was when he was asked to do everything. With another running back and a good offensive line, you can see Felix having a solid time in New York.

Steven Jackson- Detroit Lions

Their running game is nonexistent. Jackson isn’t welcome on the Rams anymore. It’s stupid, but they don’t want him anymore. Jackson is still a great running back. The Lions have a great passing game. Johnson is virtually unstoppable, but I can see defenses preparing more this season so he won’t have another historic season. Jackson can open up some passing lanes and keep Stafford from getting hit.

Joe Reyes


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