No River Season 2?!

I was so mad that season 2 of the show “The River” was canceled. The show was somewhat good, it had its moments. What made me a constant watcher of it was the obvious “what’s going to happen now”.

The show was filmed in a documentary setting. Most of it was filmed on handheld cameras carried by a few characters of the show. Emmet Cole runs his own nature show, where he goes into uncharted territories and explores it.

He was lost and presumed dead when he disappeared on his latest adventure. We didn’t know at first what he was doing, but it was apparently a ground breaking discovery. One day his distress beacon turned on and the search for Emmet Cole was underway.

The studio that runs Emmet’s show funded a rescue voyage to be filmed every step of the way. His son, Lincoln, and his wife, Tess, are among those who participated on the journey. Lincoln was skeptical that his father was alive and seemed to disbelieve at first that his father might be alive.

The crew consists of a few cameramen, the boatman and his daughter, and a few members of Emmet’s  TV show all joined the adventure. Emmet was searching in the Amazon and said to discovered real magic when he disappeared.

The show has a magical atmosphere to it. Every episode is filled with supernatural things that deter the rescue crew along the way. Tribes litter the area. Every episode they find clues to where Emmet is and follow the trail.

The show was well worth watching and I was disappointed to see it end. It ended in a cliff hanger, if course. The problem is they find Emmet and then BAM…I can’t reveal what happens next. I guess you can find the show online. I will be looking for it because like I said before, I loved the show. I give it an overall 3/5 but had so much potential to it.

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