Emmitt Smith VS Adrian Peterson

I don’t think Adrian Peterson will ever win a championship. He doesn’t have a team around him. Emmitt had a great team around. The Cowboys had a great offense and a great defense. Adrian Peterson is the Vikings. He won MVP and had the most rushing yards last season and was about 9 yards short of breaking the rushing record.

Peterson is a workhorse. Defenses know Peterson is going to get the ball and still they can’t stop him. That is why I’d rather have Peterson over Smith. He is a more physical runner and a power back that can’t be stopped. Emmitt also can’t be stopped at times, but since they had a great quarterback and receivers it took the pressure off of him.

Peterson had a horrific ACL/MCL injury and many thought he wouldn’t ever play again. He came back and almost broke the single season rushing record. How could you argue against that? Emmitt was obviously a great player. A well-deserved Hall of Famer by far, but I don’t think he is they type of player Peterson is.

I think Peterson will go down as a top 5 running back in NFL history, maybe even top 3. Barry Sanders and Walter Payton were more of elusive runners, but Peterson just barrels through people. You can’t stop him. Everyone even knows he’s going to run and yet there isn’t a game plan around that can stop him.

Joe Reyes




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