Why Can’t You Figure It Out?

I HATE when NBA players can’t shoot free-throws, especially Centers and other big players. Yea, I know Shaq has giant hands and it’s like a small ball he’s holding. But that’s no excuse. When he was on Orlando, he was surrounded by great shooters. On the Lakers and the other teams he was on still had a multitude of shooters.

There is no excuse for it. Each team has trainers, even coaches that teach free-throws. There are instructional videos that show how to do it consistently. Also, you have players that can help you. You are surrounded by people that can help you.

They say the one thing that’s keeping people from saying the Clippers are a lock to win it all is their free-throws. Griffin and Jordan can’t shoot free-throws. You’re telling me that the faith of a championship is relying on these guys hitting their free-throws?

They can figure this out easily, because free-throws are essentially easy. It’s you vs. the rim. No defenders. The only other factor is crowd noise, but that happens in any game. If I can figure it out, then a professionally athlete paid millions of dollars and with a multitude of trainers and coaches around him can figure it out.

Joe Reyes



4 thoughts on “Why Can’t You Figure It Out?

  1. 1. No rhythm.
    2. Lack of synchronization.
    3. Poor shooting mechanics.
    4. No muscle memory for freethrows.
    5. Failure or refusal to retain any training they receive on the 15-foot line.


    • joereyes3 says:

      well….i guess that’s 5 good reasons why Haha thanks for commenting. It does make sense, but it’s still something that they can learn.


      • Read something last week about DHoward being an 80% freethrow shooter in practice. Element of in-game pressure? You have a very valid point though: with all the trainers and coaches and pros around them, you would think they would have figured it out by now.


      • joereyes3 says:

        yea I heard something about that and I heard Dwight was 90% in high-school, so it could be game jitters. But you won’t have the jitters if you practice your craft and perfect it.


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