The Game Is Back!

Game of Thrones is back in full force for season 3. Starting off right where season 2 left off, we are quickly shown what horrors are beyond the Wall. Through Sam, we see a White Walker and a depleted Knights Watch guards who looked to have been in a battle with the demonic magical foes.

Through Jon Snow we see the Wildlings camp. Thousands of savages building their getting their forces ready for the siege on the Wall and eventually all the lands. They have Giants, which to have been long extinct. We finally see Mance Rayder, the king beyond the wall.

Back in Kings Landing, Tyrion Lannister is trying to get what he deserves from his father, his inheritance of their lands. But his father, Tywin Lannister shuns his son from all rights to his lands. Even though Tyrion is the reason Kings Landing is still theirs, his father still hates his son.

Davos surprisingly seems to have a big part in this season. After the demise of Stannis Baratheon’s army at Blackwater, he has retreated and rebuilding his army. The problem is he is under the control of a witch and her motives aren’t entirely clear yet.

The episode ends with Daenerys setting sail and trying to buy an army. Her dragons have grown up a lot since season 2 and will soon be ready to take Kings Landing. She will soon have the army she needs to take what is rightfully hers.

The only problem I see with this season and what I predicted will happen is there is too much going on. I just named a few characters storylines that were going on. Rob Stark made an appearance, but I have no idea what he was doing. If anyone knows please tell me what that fort was.

We did not even see Jamie and his journey back to Kings Landing. Arya and Gendry weren’t seen and neither was Bran. There are way too many storylines going on that each character will either get a small section of an episode or be cast out entirely.

The show will still be a hit and I give it a 5/5, but you will see less of the characters you love because the cast keeps growing with every episode.

Joe Reyes


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