George Gervin vs. Kevin Durant

What separates these 2 great scorers is their size. I would take Durant mainly because he is about 6’10 and has over a 7 foot wingspan. He can pull up over centers with ease. Both men are extremely talented scorers. They could pull up from virtually any distance.

Gervin, appropriately nicknamed the Ice Man, was clutch beyond belief. Any shot, time running down, defenders draped over him, it didn’t matter. He would score against anyone. The finger-roll was done to perfection. Who would’ve thought a game changing shot was as simple as rolling the ball off your fingers?

The only thing stopping Durant from get 40 a night is the fact that he plays with Russell Westbrook. Otherwise he would crush the scoring title. I remember reading a quote from Gervin about Durant. In his words “He’s just like me, only better”. Not THAT is a Hell of a compliment. Durant will go down as the greatest scorer this game has ever seen. And will be a first ballad Hall of Famer by the end of his career.

Joe Reyes


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