How Did This Go On?

After seeing the video of Mike Rice, where he hurled basketballs at students and yelled out homosexual slurs at them, I found the way Rutgers handled the situation disgusting and this will impact the school for years to come. This is along the lines of the Sandusky cover-up. In the sense that the school went so far to cover up something that should’ve been handled when the incidence happened.

Rice was suspended in December and fined a total of 50 thousand dollars. I was really confused by this combination because they don’t usually go together. Look at it in a vacuum: if I tell you a coach was suspended 3 games, you might think something along the lines of losing his cool during a game and braiding refs. But when you add 50 thousand dollars it makes you think the offense was more serious.

People don’t get fined 50 thousand dollars for something small. This was a serious thing from the start, but when added with a small suspension of 3 games, it makes the offense seem like something smaller.

This is a video from ESPN’s Outside The Lines.

Let’s list each offense individually.

  1. Pushed a student
  2. Hit a student
  3. Slapped a student
  4. Kicked a student
  5. Threw basketballs at students
  6. Yelled homosexual slurs at students

Each offense alone is enough to get him fired or at least suspended for a lot longer than 3 games. Now to the scary questions…what else aren’t we seeing that happened? There weren’t many videos of this. This guy has been there for years. He didn’t just wake up one day, push a kid in practice, throw a basketball and call a kid an offensive slur and the next day was all fine.

This had to have been going on for years. I heard 5 basketball students transferred from his team to other schools in his time coaching. So things have been like this for a while.

Now to the cover-up. This is where the story takes a very scary turn. The Athletic Director saw this video; many others including the president of Rutgers saw this video. We heard about this on April 3rd and it happened in December. Many people knew about this and many people tried sweeping this under the rug. This is exactly the same premise of the Sandusky case.

People knew about it and did nothing to prevent it. All they did was put school over morals and just tried to ignore this.  3 games is nothing, 50 thousand is nothing when it comes to the amount of abuse this man did to these students.

Why didn’t the players stand up and say something? How could you allow this man to hit you, throw basketballs in your direction and even call you offensive names and just take it? I’m not saying you take a swing at him, but you say something. Did the parents of the students know? Did they stand up and say something? I find it almost laughable that nobody had the courage to stand up and say something. These aren’t little kids. These are grown 18-21 year old men taking this abuse.

I think obviously Mike Rice has to go, but I’ll go further than that. I want the Athletic Director gone, every administrator who saw the video and did nothing, the coaching staff that was there for the practices, staff that walked by the gym and saw this happening, the president of Rutgers because you know he had to have seen this video.

I want this video to be the equivalent of poison and every person who came in contact with it to be gone.  It is disgusting that nobody did anything about it. This wasn’t to the extent of the Sandusky incident, but its close in terms of how it was handled. And heads should roll because of it.

Joe Reyes


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