You Can’t Have It Here

This season the Superbowl will be played in Giants Stadium in New Jersey. I think this is a horrible idea for 1 good reason, weather. I live in New Jersey, it gets cold here. It snows heavily at times. The wind is freezing.

Weather should not affect the outcome of the game. Weather plays a huge factor in a game. If it’s snowing heavily, teams that run the ball will be more effective. It’s hard to throw a ball right into the wind. You need to have it in a dome. You have to have that weather under control.

It’s not fair to have a team lose because of weather conditions, because it does play a huge factor. Something has to change and quickly too. Building a dome will take too long, so I really don’t have an answer other than moving it to another stadium.

Joe Reyes



One thought on “You Can’t Have It Here

  1. Elaine says:

    I agree the wind factor is going to be a bi#@*! Even non winter days the wind can be challenging…like yesterday. Non stop all day, may have been 40 outside but it felt so much colder.


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