Just Seems Odd To Me

I watched the Hunger Games again and something really confused me. Maybe it’s just me, and weigh in if you disagree, but why did they form a group? A few characters formed this “killing party” where they didn’t kill each other, but killed the other characters.

In the Hunger Games only 1 person gets to live. So why the Hell am I forming a team with people that I will end up killing. Now the theory of “we work together until the end” kind of makes sense. But I would be afraid to turn my back to these people because they might take a stab at me.

There are no friendships in the Hunger Games. If I was in the “killing party” I would slit these people’s throats when they went to sleep. I would take my shot right there. Only reason why is because I know the others are thinking the same thing. I’m just beating them to the punch.

Joe Reyes


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