Mortal Mamba

Apparently Kobe Bryant is mortal after all. After suffering a torn Achilles tendon there are many questions surrounding Kobe. Will he return? If so how good will he be? Is it worth coming back? Will they even keep him on the team?

Next year Kobe is entering the final year of his contract. It would be crazy for the team to not resign him, but what if he isn’t playing at the high level he usually does? Kobe at his age is playing at an incredible level. Almost inhuman to me.

I don’t want to cast a shadow on his performance, but players that old, who are that always injured and playing that many minutes don’t usually play this good at the twilight of their career. Could he taking something? I hope he’s not, but it just doesn’t make sense to me that he’s playing this good.

He plays the whole game and at a high level and his body isn’t really slowing down. The Achilles injury was a freak accident.  He said he popped it on a play he always does, so it’s hard to really put blame on the coach.

No player should be playing that many minutes, even Kobe. That’s why you have a 12 man roster, so you don’t have to play your players the whole game. Again the question of “is he taking something” comes up for me. I just again find it odd that he’s playing so great for so long, with taking that many injuries and putting that many miles on his body.

I don’t think Kobe will play until after the All Star break. That’s the usual recovery time for an injury like this. About 8 months, but who knows. Maybe he’ll come back earlier. But who really knows. Kobe goes to Germany in the offseason. The doctor could find a way to bring him back earlier.

Joe Reyes





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