Superstar Talent

I hate when a sports player, with all the physical ability in the world, is so undisciplined that it costs him. When a player thinks he’s better than everyone else and clearly isn’t. I remember Andrew Bynum told reporters that he didn’t need the great Kareem Abdul Jabbar to teach him anything, because Bynum thinks he knows everything.

DeMarcus Cousins annoys the Hell out of me! His ceiling is so high that I think he can be one of the best centers, if not the best, center in the league today. But he keeps getting into trouble. His attitude has gotten him suspended with the team and his complaining gets him technical fouls.

Chris Johnson, after a dismal last season, thinks he is still a top running back. Really? Then go out and prove it. He is constantly complaining about his contract and greedy for money that it impacts his play. He had 1 great season and got to 2,000 yards rushing and then dropped off immensely.

We see players’ everyday come into their respective leagues and think they are above it all and that they are the top players when they’re not.  Many have so much to learn, but choose not to and that is why they will be marginal players and not the superstars that they can be.

Joe Reyes


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