A Crazy Person Is Just As Bad

The headline should be about the winner of the Boston Marathon. We should be seeing emotional picture with the winner hugging their family. A huge crowd cheering, confetti flying, a flag draped around the winner as he/she gets the awards.

It obviously didn’t end like that. A sheer act of craziness has rocked our nation. It was almost impossible to not hear about this story yesterday. I was driving back from school when I heard about it. I was switching radio stations and turned on ESPN.

The first thing I heard was “the explosion happened right by the finish line”. I looked at my phone and saw I had a dozen texts about it. My first thoughts were probably the same as everyone else “We are under attack”.

Instantly I thought about 9/11 and the attacks of that day. That once again we were caught with our pants around our ankles. As the day’s news progressed I realized that this wasn’t a Middle Eastern attack. It’s not confirmed, but it’s just my opinion. Middle East attacks are with suicide bombers. This was a bomb left in a trash can. Middle East terrorists don’t care to save their own lives.

This is worse than a Middle East attack. This was just a crazy person who woke up one day, Googled how to make a bomb and detonated it. This is the kind of world we live in now. It’s impossible to stop people like this. All we can do is find them before they carry out another attack and try a little harder to prevent the next crazy persons attack.

The details of the event are just shocking. A child blown up, his sister’s leg ripped off her body. Tragic is an understatement because there are many in critical condition and the number keeps going up on the amount injured.

When I first heard the reports I heard “2 dead and 20 injured” I turned on the T.V today and heard “3 dead and 145 wounded”.

The day started off really nice. It just shows how easily and quickly our world can change in a second. Nobody has laid claim for the attack and that’s the scariest part. They’re still out there, but not for long. The entire United States is looking for those responsible and we will catch them.

Joe Reyes


2 thoughts on “A Crazy Person Is Just As Bad

  1. J.T Thomas says:

    The 1993 world trade center attack was perpetrated by middle eastern terrorists using a car bomb (they all lived).


    • joereyes3 says:

      as soon as i pressed “post” i realized that haha. i meant more in the sense that its not the usual M.O we hear of today. obviously these people dont have to follow the trend or others, but it just seems different. no body seemed to take responsibility and we know nothing now but in a few days we’ll know more. whats your take on the events?


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