Well That’s Just Stupid

I was watching the movie “X-Men First Class” again and I got really annoyed with the character Hank McCoy AKA Beast. Before he turned into a blue ape, he was a regular human. The only thing mutant about him was his feet. They were big and looked like hands.

Hank was of course self-conscious about them and tried to make a cure. There are a multitude of reasons of why I have a problem with him doing this. The first is, his feet are his power. When he takes his shoes off he is able to run faster and he can also grip things with his feet. He has greatened agility due to his hand-feet.

The second problem is have is….who the $@% cares? They’re feet! You have Mystique who is blue all the time. There are a multitude of characters with noticeable deformities and he’s complaining because his feet ate big. Put some socks on and nobody notices.

The fact that this was such a huge problem annoyed me, but it had to be done because without it then he wouldn’t have transformed into Beast.

Joe Reyes


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