I started writing the review in my head about halfway through the movie. I was going to say things like “If you had to see one movie this year, let it be this one” and “Oscars well deserved all around”, but little did I know this movie would take a chaotic dive-bomb in the world of terrible movies.

Oblivion started off incredibly great. The world they created was beautiful even though it was a destroyed Earth. Tom Cruise didn’t disappoint even though this was a disappointing movie. It’s one of those movies that could’ve been so great, but just ended horribly.

Tom Cruise plays Jack Harper, a man part of a two man team that is responsible for maintaining drones that protect key fixtures on the planet. Earth has been decimated by an alien invasion and the planet is mostly dead. Some parts are inaccessible due to the radiation fallout from when we fought back.

The drones Jack maintains protect these giant structures that suck the water out of our oceans. People did survive and are living on the moon of Titan. The water is being stored in these structures and will be transported there when they are filled. The aliens are called Scavs and we never see them. They are the few remaining after the war and are blowing up the structures.

The plot takes an incredible turn for the worse when a pod lands on Earth filled with humans. One of them has a woman named Julia in it who instantly recognizes Jack. Apparently these two met before and when Jack sleeps he has random dreams with her in it.

I will spoil the movie now so if you plan on watching it then NOW is the time to stop reading.

Julia is Jack’s wife somehow. Jack has no memory of her because when he took the job his memory was wiped. Julia has been in a pod for 60 years in a stasis. Jack is not old, so how are they married you ask? Simple, he is not Jack. Well technically he is, but Jack is a clone, part of a series of many clones that were created to do the duties of drone maintenance.

The aliens aren’t aliens, they are people. Since we never see them how could we know? We didn’t win the war. We lost and the Earthlings took to the underground. The aliens or alien is a big triangle up in space where Jack was lied to and told that was Mission Control.

Jack was an astronaut and was captured by the triangle. After Earth destroyed itself they needed people to maintain the drones so they cloned Jack. Hundreds of Jacks were cloned and sent to different areas unbenounced to them. Why then would an alien ROBOT need our water? If they were actual aliens then I could see that, but this wasn’t the case. This was a robot….1 robot.

This movie started off incredible, but the second half was beyond disappointing. I give it a 2/5. I would’ve gone lower, but this movie had small moments where it redeemed itself and the first half was great. The first half alone would get a 4/5, but the rest of the movie brought it down.

Joe Reyes


5 thoughts on “Oblivion….Why?

  1. Jeff Sazli says:

    Hey hi, ya, there were some loopholes in here and there especially the end.. (SPOILERS!!)

    I wonder where all the ‘Jacks’ go to and how the original Jack comes into the picture. That part was a lil bit disappointing. But there are highlights worth thinking about, like the lies told to us by a system, maybe the government perhaps? Like rebelling with the Creator to suit a greater ending? The sacrificial actions like taking our own life for the good of others?
    I like movies like this, makes me ponder on those issues, not like straightfoward like actions movies. So the ideologies haunt me a bit after the show ends.


    • joereyes3 says:

      That is a very good question. What happened to all the Jacks? Because with the creator dead then what do they do after? Are him and Viv just try to survive after? That could be a story in itself, but they wouldn’t do that. There were a lot of loopholes and unanswered questions I had at the end. I want to know the Creator’s plan. It just doesn’t make sense because there is no plan. The whole movie got worse as the story unraveled. Thanks for reading and commenting and stop on by again to see if I write anything else you like. I have a whole listing of movie reviews on the site.


  2. tejnoor says:

    You commented on my review a while back, and I swear I have read this before, but I’m not sure why I didn’t drop a comment. The bit with Julia telling Jack that she was his wife was the point in the movie that made me groan and completely give up on all of my expectations for the film. It was such a terrible direction, but for some reason I predicted it… Still, the visuals were beautiful, and the soundtrack was great, except it really got to me that the used epic music for pretty much every single thing that was happening in the movie.


    • joereyes3 says:

      Yea that’s when the direction of the movie changed and it went completely down hill. the whole movie plummeted at that point. especially the twist at the end couldnt save it. i dont think anything couldve saved it at that point. but thanks for FINALLY returning my comments haha


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