A Betrayal, An Army And A Dead Commander

Last night was a very action packed episode of Game of Thrones and also a very shocking one. At one end of the world we see king Joffrey show a human side. His future queen knows how to seduce and manipulate him. The question is how far is she willing to go and what will she do with all her power? In a conversation with Little Finger she said she wants to be queen by any means.

On the island of slaves, we see Daenerys take her army and use it on the slave masters. I knew she would never give up a single dragon after all she went through to get them in the first place. She has the army now and all she needs now is to bring it to Kings Landing. That will take a while and winter is coming. Many will die before the siege of Kings Landing.

Lord Commander was killed and that really shocked me. I thought the man who married his daughters would die, but not the Commander. The Crows are now loose. Sam is on the run, are the wildlings his next stop? Jon is there, maybe he can save Sam?

Stop by next week for my next post about the episode. I will be writing many posts about episodes of the show and the theories I have about it.

Joe Reyes


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