One Man’s Pride

When I was watching the movie Troy I noticed that the Trojans screwed themselves in the end. It was around the time Achilles challenged Hector after Hector killed Achilles’ cousin. Achilles wanted revenge and traveled alone to the Trojan gate and challenged the prince in a 1 on 1 fight.

This is where the Trojans screwed themselves. Why let the prince challenge a man in a 1 on 1 fight? Why let the most important piece of your military outside alone? Hector’s dead was crucial to the fall of Troy.

What I would’ve done is simple. Forget the pride. If Hector didn’t except he would’ve been labeled a coward by outsiders. But is one man’s pride worth the faith of an entire city? No, it’s not. It put the whole city in jeopardy.

You shoot Achilles. Troy had the finest archers in the lands at this time. A wall that was impregnable. Achilles was the greatest warrior at that time and killing him would all but ensure Troy’s survival.

This really happened too. This wasn’t just overblown movie plot, this really happened. In real life, Achilles chased Hector around the city a few times. At no point did anyone think to shoot Achilles. Sheer logic killed the Trojans, not the thousands of troops Greece sent.

Joe Reyes


4 thoughts on “One Man’s Pride

  1. J.T Thomas says:

    But the power of that battle is the honor; two enemies who respect each other enough that they are willing to engage in hand to hand combat alone. Shooting him from a distance is cowardly.


    • joereyes3 says:

      yes it would be deemed cowardly and probably go down in the Trojan history books as so, but at least they would have a history. what Hector did was put his pride into the mix and in turn was one of the big causes of why the city fell. if they would’ve just killed Achilles then that would be the end of it. his troops might’ve followed his orders and went back home or they would’ve fought, but they would be leaderless and not as effective. yes it would be cowardly, but when your entire city is one the line….is one fight really worth the risk?


  2. J.T Thomas says:

    So you are saying that there are times when it is okay to be backhanded and evil? Achilles challenges Hector to a fight–because he respects him and because he is a man–and wouldn’t see any problem with just shooting Achilles in the back? What makes these stories incredible is the nobility of the players, that even though there was a war there was still respect for the opponents capabilities and a belief that battles should be caught face to face. True, his idea was late discarded, but has that not proven to be the tragedy of modern war!?


    • joereyes3 says:

      you bet your ass im saying that. the trojans attacked the greeks in the middle of the night. its a war and look at what we did in ww2. we dropped the atom bombs on japanese towns and won. sometimes, not saying always, but sometimes you have to be backhanded and evil. no its not right, but sometimes you have to in order to win. yes the respect between achilles and hector was great, but you dont sacrifice your best fighter for an honorable duel.


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