Free At Last

Tim Tebow has just been released by the New York Jets. Could this be the end of Tebow Time for good? I think not. I wrote many articles about Tim Tebow and talking about where he should end up and how he should be used.

Being in New York was a flawed idea from the start. They never used him. The Jets traded a draft pick for Tebow and never used him. This baffled everyone because there was no point in getting him then.

I hope Tebow lands somewhere else because he is an interesting story. He can be successful in the right system. Running the ball, option plays and the occasional deep pass is when he thrives. He is great at moving the chains and getting first downs. He opens up the passing lanes by running it himself.

He is a god addition to any team and it will be interesting to see what team wants to try this experiment. It’s not crazy. Many teams run a few wildcat type plays. Sometimes people are brought to teams just for that purpose.

Using Tebow makes an offense unpredictable and that’s what some teams need in today’s league. If a team doesn’t have a good quarterback, then they run some trick plays. Tebow is the ultimate trick play player and he should play next season.

Joe Reyes



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