Marvel Avengers Alliance

This might be the hottest new online role playing game out there. Marvel took its roster of characters and created a role playing game where you play a SHIELD AGENT and team up with the Marvel heroes and fight villains.

You start off with just a handful of characters on your side, but when you complete levels you gain Command Points, which can be used to buy new and better Marvel characters. When you look at the roster you can assemble it seems great at first, but I found out very quickly that some of the best characters aren’t really the best.

Command Points are hard to get at times. When you beat a boss characters, you randomly get an award, sometimes you can get 1 Command Point, sometimes even 5, but there are times where you get things to upgrade your character and weapons.

When it comes down to me buying a new character I look at the perks each character comes with. The Hulk is a cool hero to buy, but not really worth it. Captain America and Thor have the same problem. When I obtained 90 Command Points, the usual range to buy a super character like those, I spent it on Wolverine.

Wolverine gains health with every turn and has attacks that cause Bleeding, which every time the enemy attacks; it loses health in the beginning and at the end of their turn. So the attack that initially does about 150 damage and effect and kill the enemy without ever touching the enemy for the rest of the fight.

My favorite character to use is the Human Torch. He gains health with every turn. When he is attacked by a melee the character receives Burn, which affects it for a few rounds. Also he can do Burning attacks on his own.

The perks of the character is what you really have to look for when you want to but a character. Some like The Thing can’t be affected by Bleeding and other attacks like that. You can have 2 character fight at your side in 3 on 3 battles, so assembling a team that complements the others is critical. Each character has a certain type to them that have their strengths and weaknesses and make them more Vulnerable or Resistant to other types. You can’t have a team of just Bruisers out there because even a weak Blaster can take them down quickly.

The game also features online feature where you battle friends. You start the game off assigned to a faction and it grows with each new player joining the game. Battling players can grant you bonuses, which come out every week. A new bonus can be new weapons, upgradable crystals and even new characters.

This game is a must try. It’s free to play, but if you want you can invest some money into buying Gold, which can be traded for Command Points and other perks to make your character more super. I give it a 5/5.

Joe Reyes



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