The Final Chapter

Warning Spoilers

The creators of The Following have done a great job at leaving you at the edge of your seat. The season finale left viewers wishing for just a few more seconds before it went to credits. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a season finale like this. It had all the elements of what a finale should be.

We saw Ryan and Joe face off, with Joe ultimately coming to an end…..or did he? I wouldn’t think they would kill off the main villain just so quickly. After an explosion that supposedly killed Joe Carroll, we see news reports saying that his “dead was confirmed”.

If this show has taught us anything its things aren’t what they appear to be. Carroll’s followers are everywhere. In the police force, our neighbors, to say that Joe might not have a follower as a coroner is justified.

We saw an explosion and assumed Joe was killed. He could’ve always jumped out and the dead body of the man he just killed could’ve been discovered. The show doesn’t just have things for no reason in it. Everything happens for a reason. Joe killed that man in the house for a reason.

The season ended with Ryan on his back after just being stabbed in his home. Joe’s wife, Claire has just been stabbed too before the show cut to black. Obviously Ryan isn’t dead, but maybe Claire? Joe did say the ending had to be Ryan witnessing Claire die before his eyes.

Joe planned everything so far. What’s to say he didn’t plan all this too. I wouldn’t think he’d allow himself to be killed so easily. That wouldn’t make a good enough ending for Joe. Can’t wait for the next season to see which direction the show goes.

I gave the show an early 4/5 after the first episode. This show is now a 5/5 after the first season. I hope they can keep us this momentum when the show returns.

Joe Reyes




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