Iron Man

                Iron Man gives you a little bit of everything. He doesn’t have any special features, except not being able to be hit by ground attacks. But he is a solid character to use and can get the job done when needed. He gives you a single Repulsor Ray that fires twice at an enemy.

                Leveling him up gives you a Missile Barrage that is inconsistent at times, but can Burn all enemies at once. This is a risky move because I found that it has a high degree of missing its targets. The Deflector Shield can buy you some time. The problem is it only affects him. The Unibeam is the last move you get, but have to keep using it or it loses power.

                Overall Iron Man is a good character, but not one to build your team around. He doesn’t have many perks that would attract you to keep using him and a lot of the time I find myself switching him out. He is good to have on your bench and can dominate against lower leveled enemies.

Joe Reyes



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