I’m a big Hulk fan, but in this game he is useless. When I battle people online, I’m so relieved to see my opponent using the Hulk as a character. People would think at first glance that Hulk is the strongest character in the game. He isn’t by far.

His attacks are garbage on their own. The only thing that makes him deadly is when he gets attacks he gains Hulk Up and gets stronger. Later on he can unleash a powerful attack, but you have to wait until he gets damaged enough.

The only time I ever use the Hulk is when I use a Distress Call and a random character is summoned to help out. Hulk uses Titanic Hurl and damages all enemies…only a little. There is nothing positive that can come out of recruiting the Hulk. And the problem is you won’t realize that until you get destroyed using him.

Joe Reyes



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