Human Torch

I HATE when people use the Human Torch against me. Only because I know that he is the best character in this game. He is the most destructive character to use and when I fight him he is the first character I MUST get rid of.

He gains health every turn and a lot of it too. His Fireball will kill you in 1 shot and his Flame Stream will kill you in a few turns. Ring of Fire is awesome because when you use a melee move you blow up.  When you melee him, you take damage and receive Burn for a few turns.

This is the most unfair character to use in this game. There are times where I’d be down to just him and come out with a win. When you fight him in Player vs. Player, matches might never end. Human Torch vs. Human Torch takes forever. Many people use him because of how great his is. Get him!

Joe Reyes



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