Wow That Was Tough

During a game in March between the Miami Heat and the Minnesota Timberwolves, guard J.J Barea got a simple shove by Ray Allen. Barea decided to run up to Allen and push him to the ground. Barea got ejected and Allen shot 2 free throws and the Heat won the game. Not to say the Heat wouldn’t have won, I’m just saying it was a 6 point game when this happened.

The next day on ESPN the commentators were asked if they lost respect for Barea. Many said they gained respect for Barea. That he showed his toughness on the court. I lost respect for Barea. What did he do? He got pushed and shoved Allen back. He got tossed out of the game, got fined and maybe even suspended for a game.

This wasn’t an act of “toughness” this was an act of “stupidity”. Here’s an example of toughness: LeBron gets fouled hard and then goes off for 30 points! That’s toughness. Kobe gets fouled hard, he doesn’t complain, he doesn’t run his mouth, the man will shoot the lights out of the building and after every shot he makes he looks over at the player who fouled him.

That’s toughness. Getting tossed from a game isn’t toughness. And it’s idiotic to say that such baby-like behavior should be deemed “tough” by today’s society.

Joe Reyes


2 thoughts on “Wow That Was Tough

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