After Earth

                The potential for this movie was incredibly high. A father and son fighting for survival on a hostile planet. This could’ve been a heartfelt drama. An edge of your seat thriller even. But no, this  movie was boring and sometimes unbearable to watch. Yes, there were a few action scenes, but they were short.

                M. Night Shyamalan did a horrible job at directing this movie because it could’ve been so much better. I never understand how he gets so much work and how simple the movies he’s directing are. Somehow he finds a way to screw up any movie.

                After Earth takes place on another planet to start off. Earthlings have abandoned their planet to another one that can sustain human life. When they arrive on the planet, they find another race that is extremely deadly. Giant beast like aliens that smell fear inhabit it. The only hope at defeating these aliens is by defeating fear itself. By not being afraid the aliens can’t see us.

                Will Smith plays a character whose name I can’t even pronounce. He knows how to eliminate fear from his body. All the back-story takes about 20 minutes and can easily be done without. That was a big problem I had with this movie. Way too many filler scenes. They could’ve easily thrown in a few lines and maybe a quick dream sequence to explain the past.

                His son played by Jaden Smith is constantly filled with fear.  He has no control of it and crashing on planet Earth doesn’t help that. They were on a simple planetary mission to another planet. I really didn’t catch all of it, but they were transporting an alien from the planet.

                The Smiths were the only 2 survivors. The ship broke in half and a rescue beacon was on the tail end over 100 kilometers away. Will’s legs were badly broken and it is up to Jaden to venture off by himself to find the beacon.

                There wasn’t much to this movie. It didn’t have memorable parts. No scenes that made you go “wow” and start cheering. There was only one line. It was when Will was talking to Jaden about fear. He says that fear is “a creation of our imagination” and I thought that was really cool, but not worth sitting through the entire movie to hear.

                I’m going to give this movie a disappointing 1/5. The 1 is more because of the scenery and graphics. The trailer really made this movie a lot better than it really was. It was a beautiful looking movie. The problem is this movie could’ve been a lot better. It had almost an Oscar nominated type of idea going for it, but failed to deliver.

Joe Reyes






10 thoughts on “After Earth

  1. profexxion says:

    I hear your issues with it, but we just disagree on some points. Yea it definitely had much larger potential than the execution allowed, but there were things to like. Jaden’s acting progressively improved, the story explaining the void between father and son was interesting, and I enjoyed the ending. Also, I didn’t feel they spent too much time on the backstory.

    In my review, there were a things plot-wise I wanted developed more. I hinted at that, but didn’t want to spoil it for others. Ghosting was a great idea, but they missed a major opportunity with the relationship between Jaden’s character and his sister (I think a powerful moment would have involved her explaining her fearing for HIS life when he asked why she couldn’t ghost). Also, I think the transition from immense fear to ghosting for Ketai should have been better spread out. It was like he got slammed into a wall and instantly was fearless.


    • joereyes3 says:

      i think when he got slammed into the wall and Ghosted was good because it was similar to the story his father told. his father i think said he was fighting the monster and got stabbed and then felt no fear. it at times didnt seem like a father son relationship. it was more of a “sir yes sir” type. yes he is military, but he was too cold to his son at times. i guess that was just the character he had to be. i wanted to give it a higher review and like it more but there wasnt enough of the good parts.


  2. Derek says:

    I agree that a lot of opportunities were squandered with this movie but my biggest issue with the entire affair was that too much weight was put on the spindly shoulders of Jaden Smith and the kid just doesn’t have enough acting talent or screen presence to have been put in the lead of a movie that required him to be the sole person on the screen for the majority of the time.


    • joereyes3 says:

      Thats a good point. he wasnt the type of actor they needed for that role. there was so much wrong with this movie ands sad because it couldve been an instant classic if done correctly.


  3. Hey, you weren’t kidding when you said you did not like this movie! LOL. Well you read my review, so you know my thoughts on film. My bottom line is I agree some things could have been better developed, but I did enjoy a few things. I’m willing to see at least a second part to the alluded trilogy. If Jaden is cast, he will need to step up his game. Thanks again for stopping by my blog, and don’t be a stranger. PS, Will’s character was named Cypher! That’s not too hard Lol 😉


  4. fporter says:

    Well I disagree with you all, the movie was very good, which I detail on my blog. However, we always ask for realism and characters that would act like real people. To me Jaiden does that very well. Granted the marketing could have been much better and lowered the expectations that this would be a laser blasting popcorn flick. This movie isn’t about Will Smith aka Cypher. This is a movie about Jaiden’s character and his journey into manhood. If the trailers hadn’t ruined the action scenes, they would have been nice suprises. This movie conveyed fear in a small way. A deadly leech, cool Condor type creature, the battle with the Ursa. Regardless, this movie was about the kid and his fears and how to overcome them, just like any other kid. I do agree that I would have liked the society fleshed out more and learned more about the cool adaptations that the humans made and the aliens they were opposing, but the film was solid.


    • joereyes3 says:

      i understand the message it was trying to send. yes, a boy growing into a man before our eyes is a great idea. BUT when you throw in a series of unimportant things that are going on. my biggest problem was the amount of filler scenes. in total, i think there was about 40 of footage that was great. the problem is that it was boring at times. not in the sense that no action was going on. i dont need explosions and constant fights to be entertained, but when you create these boring sequences i immediately dislike it.


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