The newest episode of Game of Thrones had an ending so shocking that I was at a loss for words. We saw a wedding turn into a brutal massacre in a matter of seconds. Keys characters we killed with little effort and the entire landscape of the show was changed.

I wrote another article earlier in the season about wondering if the show will take the same direction the books took. In the sense of killing off main characters like that. By the old Gods and the new Gods…they delivered.

Even as I write it I’m still in shock of the brutality of the killings. We witnessed a pregnant woman being stabbed to death in the stomach. A wolf trapped and shot down by archers. Not to mention a mother watching her son bleed out before her eyes only to have her throat slit a second later. Also, an innocent girl killed. The wife of the Fey wasn’t guilty of anything and she met her doom at the end of the episode.

The North has fallen. I have no idea where this show is going to go next. The main battle force was killed in the blink of an eye. Leaderless and its army kept in the dark. The army will probably be destroyed in the coming episode.

Everything has changed. The Lannisters have won the war. The young wolf has been killed and there is nothing stopping the spread of Lannister rule now. It’s fitting this ended in treachery. There was no way the Lannisters would allow this to become an all-out war.

Next week is the season finale and who knows what’ll happen next. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I was going to write an article about the whole episode, but this part has earned its own article. Bravo HBO! You have outdone yourself.

Joe Reyes

Long live the King Of The North!



2 thoughts on “……Wow

  1. When I reached this point in the books, subsequently called the Red Wedding, I literally threw my copy of A Storm of Swords across the room in frustration. I was almost done with the series right there but I pressed on. I’m glad the show isn’t pulling any punches.


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