So Long Robb

I never met Robb Stark in person, but I’ve seen his exploits on Game of Thrones. From the very first episode, we witnessed the rise of a man who lived his life by 2 morals. Family and kingdom. Those were the most important thing to him. Protecting his family was a prime concern. His kingdom was like his family at times.

When his father was killed, Robb took control of Winterfell and all of the North. Scores of Northerners rose to his army on the promise of victory. The Lannisters had their backs against the wall for a bulk of the war.

Robb never lost a battle when the war started. Losing wasn’t a part of him. Every decision was life or death and he was always on the front lines with his men.  He was a born leader and his mother couldn’t have been prouder.

They both faced their end together in betrayal. Their crime was listening to someone who they thought was honorable. He wasn’t betrayed because he chose to follow his heart. That is what this story will be portrayed as. He was betrayed for gold, power and land.

The Lannisters have not only killed the King of the North, they killed a great man. Robb could’ve been king of all Westeros, but was cut down in the prime of his life….for gold. This is the saddest story in the Game of Thrones series.

He will sadly be remembered as a What If story, because he could have become something great. Now he will become a symbol. Let all who follow the Wolf follow in the footsteps of Robb Stark. Long live the king.

Joe Reyes


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