I think they dropped the ball on creating Nightcrawler. He could’ve been so much better. He does absolutely nothing for you. There isn’t even an attack where he attacks all enemies at once. In recent years, Nightcrawler had a sword. I thought that would play into this. Not at all.

I thought it would be hard to hit him, wrong again. I thought he would’ve been disappearing constantly and countering, wrong again. He’s a waste of time and shouldn’t be even considered in buying.

Joe Reyes



One thought on “Nightcrawler

  1. joereyes3 says:

    When I wrote this, Nightcrawler was simply how I described him. This was awhile ago when Valkyrie was the Spec Ops character so it was a few months ago. Since then they have updated him making him a pretty good character. He is still weak, but can hold down opponents when needed.


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