The A.P Theory

After Adrian Peterson had his historic comeback season from ACL injury, the league and all of pro sports looks at the injury in a different way. A few years ago, someone gets that kind of an injury and the league sheds a tear. Now a player gets an ACL injury and people say “oh well…he’ll be back next season”.

Nerlens Noel from the Kentucky Wildcats suffered an ACL injury during the season. He was predicted to go number 1 overall. After his injury he is now predicted to go number 3 overall.  An injury like that should have him sidelined for a while. Now he’s predicted to still go in the top 5? It’s crazy to think he will be that explosive of a player back from an injury like that.

Adrian Peterson has done a miraculous thing in returning and rushing for that many yards. BUT, the sports world is now disregarding ACL injuries as serious injuries at all. Sports medical professionals think they cracked the code on how to recover from that injury.

They haven’t. All they have is given false hope to injured players and the fans that think they will be coming back quicker than they should. The key is the rest the player and bring him back when he is supposed to and not a second sooner.

Joe Reyes



3 thoughts on “The A.P Theory

  1. spencerflynt says:

    Nerlens Noel’s knee appeared even more questionable when I heard that he had broken the growth plate in the same knee in high school. I hope he makes a full recovery, but knee issues are historically difficult to come back from, especially for big men.


    • joereyes3 says:

      lets hope he’ll get back to the same form he was before the injury, but i doubt it. its hard to get an injury like that and still be as explosive. its crazy to just say “he’ll be the same player” and assume all is good.


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