The Game Ends For Another Season

The North is burning down, alliances formed, a brother returns home, acts of betrayal and the freeing of a city….what more could you ask for in a season finale? HBO has looped us in to counting down the days until the next season of Game of Thrones next summer.

In an hours’ time they found a way to incorporate almost every character and give them a starting off point next season. Jamie, at long last, has returned home to his family. It took a long time for Jamie to get back to Kings Landing, but better now than next season.

In curious of how Brienne is going to react to the demise of Catharine Stark. She pledged her alliance to the Starks and now with them all murdered, how would she react? By killing them? Now with no one to join will she fight for the Lannisters? All questions to be answered next season.

Jon Snow got exactly what was coming to him. He broke that poor girl’s heart and got shot in the back for it. Served him right. Now back at Castle Black with the Nightswatch, the war with the Wildlings is beginning.

Poor…..Theon, that’s all I have to say. I hoped it wouldn’t come to “that”, but it did. Too gross to explain….he got his penis cut off…..give the chills just thinking of that.

Theon’s story spawned what I think is the most interesting of the new storylines going into next season. Yara is taking a ship with 50 men and combing the lands for her brother. This story looks awesome to me and I can’t wait for the next season because for this alone.

Bran wants to go beyond the Wall for some reason. Really don’t know why exactly. He says he has to, but we really don’t know what he’s going to do there.

Gendry is on the run after being released by Davos. Gendry was to be executed by the Red Witch, but is now sailing to somewhere else. Davos on the other hand is back fighting for Stannis after hearing word that the Whitewalkers are coming.

Arya and The Hound have formed an unlikely friendship and seem to be traveling together. Most likely to Jaqen H’ghar and the rest of the Brotherhood. She’ll probably become a master assassin now.

The season ends with Dany liberating a city of its slaves. No fighting, they all just walk outside. First she acquired an army and now people. Her forces continue to keep growing by enormous numbers with every passing episode.

Overall this was an incredible season finale. It talked about every character and set the tone for next season which should be even better that this season….if that’s even possible.

Joe Reyes




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