He’s fun to use, but not worth 135 Command Points. All his attacks do other things, they give you Perks and can damage your enemies, but there’s just too much glamor to him. He does too much to a fault. The Perks he gets you don’t really do much and it forces you to stretch your matches to use them.

My matches are short. I don’t play around with opponents. Deadpool is mostly fun and games and little to back it up. He does have a healing factor that I love, but it’s not enough to justify getting him. He doesn’t even cause Bleeding. He attacks with swords and doesn’t make the target Bleed?

I really don’t see the point in having him. He looks cool and is great if your matches are long and drawn out, but if they are it could be because you have people like Deadpool on your roster.

Joe Reyes



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