My Week With Marilyn

I was really on the fence about this movie. I was really confused about the way it ended. The acting was tremendous. Michelle Williams does an amazing job at portraying the sexy yet delicate personality of Marilyn Monroe. You ended up feeling bad for Marilyn throughout the movie.

The movie is about the filming of the movie “The Prince and the Showgirl” where Marilyn plays a keep part. She is shy, inexperienced and constantly struggles to find her character. There are times where she gets frustrated and upset and has to leave the set and sit in a hotel room for hours.

Eddie Redmayne plays, Colin Clark, a chauffeur for Marilyn during her time on during the filming. He is star stuck when he sees her and finds himself falling deeply in love with Marilyn while at the same time having a love in with one of the women that works backstage.

It was easy for Colin to fall for Marilyn. She is always flirting with him in every scene and lets herself be vulnerable around him. She is OK with Colin seeing her for who she really is, a small town girl whisked up in the world of stardom and publicity who is afraid of the world. She almost needs the positive attention and to be loved.

Eventually Marilyn needs some time away from the set so she has Colin drive her to her estate where she can relax. They end up sharing a kiss and it doesn’t go any farther than that. This is where the movie loses me. Colin seems almost OK with the fact that Marilyn mostly played him.

She seems like she wants nothing to do with him and just seems to use him as a human diary, where she can just be herself and vent. You almost expect this movie to be a typical “love story”. Where the girl ditches the guy and then realizes how worth it she is and they end up together. This movie doesn’t follow the usual Hollywood cliché, but the Hollywood cliché makes more sense than the way this story ends.

I would’ve given this movie a 5/5, but the ending and the direction it takes really confuses me. It’s not fun to watch Colin do everything right and get nowhere. It’s almost depressing to watch because you’re rooting so much for him, but you know it’s not going to work out for him.

In the end…the movie just ends. Just like that. No buildup to a finish, just ends. I guess it’s not bad because you’re satisfied in the end, but disappointed. You’re satisfied with the acting, the way it’s handled and the plot, but disappointed because the good guy doesn’t win in the end.

It was a great movie, but I guess I felt sad in the end. I give it a 4/5 but it has great replay value and is worth watching.

Joe Reyes


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