Living Vicariously Through Our Cars? (In a Sense)

This might sound crazy, but this is an observation I’ve noticed during my years of driving. So, just to be clear, what do I mean by ‘vicariously’? Let’s look at it like this. Whether you’re wearing your seat belt or not, we’re being confined into one place, our cars. While we are confined to the inside, our environment outside is constantly changing. So much is going on around us at any given time.

Some people are driving slow, fast etc. For the most part we like to be in control of things, but then again we aren’t. We don’t have control over those around us. You see, what we do have is SOME control over the people around us. When two people lack ability to accept the control of others, we have accidents.

Often we feel disrespected when someone cuts us off. We get mad. We put that pedal to the ground and tell our car to move faster. Isn’t that vicarious in a sense? Aside from pressing on the gas and brakes, and steering of course. We aren’t actually going anywhere if that makes sense.

To further explain this perspective. When we are walking, running, skipping etc. We are actually using our bodies to get from one place to another. It is US that are moving through the world. That’s what I would call the difference in this situation.

When it comes to our cars we are controlling this external thing that’s doing what we say, so that we get to where we need to be. Isn’t this vicarious? In a sense? Now while I do not necessarily know why I made this observation, and needed to point it out isn’t all that clear to me. This is only a perspective. In no way am I confining myself to this observation/perspective, because then anything else I say wouldn’t be me…..I’d be contradicting myself, but then again…. since it’s not actually me, it’s vicarious…. IN A SENSE.

Darnell Ortega


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