Man Of Steel

Every filmmaker should take notes on this movie, because this is how you remake a franchise and set the tone for upcoming movies. Man Of Steel delivers for new and old fans of the Superman franchise.

It starts off with the destruction of the planet Krypton, Superman’s home planet. We are given the backstory of the dying planet and get a glimpse of Superman’s parents. Russell Crowe plays his real father Jor El who in the planets final moments sends him newborn son off to Earth to continue the legacy of Krypton’s people.

Now we don’t know “exactly” why this is happening to Krypton, but all we do know is that the inhabitants did this to the planet accidentally. I think mining the core of the planet or something along those lines.

Jor El placed in the escape pod, the biological DNA blueprint of all the unborn Kryptonians. General Zod is desperate to get this blueprint back and ensure the survival of his people. He is ironically the bad guy, but is really that bad? His actions were noble, but his delivery is why he is considered bad. But that is for another upcoming article I plan to write. (Tune in for that one)

Zod  and his followers are condemned to be banished to the far reaches of space. That doesn’t last long at all. He finds a way out and pursues Superman to Earth. We learn a lot more about Superman than previous movies. We see him as a child just learning his powers. The radiation of our sun gives him his powers, but not all at once. In the beginning he can’t even fly, he can jump really high. In school his powers awaken unexpectically and he is deemed a freak by his classmates.

On Earth he is now called Clark by the family that found him. They are simple farmers who don’t want Clark to reveal himself to the world. They don’t think it’s the right time and society won’t accept him. His Earth father, Jonathan, even goes as far to say that Clark shouldn’t save people because that would reveal Clark to the world as an alien. Not save people? Let them die? Not very heroic.

Clark lives his life constantly on the move. Whenever he is forced to reveal himself and save the day, he’s gone the next. Eventually his travels bring him to a frozen wasteland. Antarctica I think. Where he meets Lois Lane. Lois is a reporter for the Daily Planet and is an adventure seeker. When Clark goes out in the middle of the night, she tails him.

The people of Krypton have always thought their planet might be destroyed, so they traveld to other planets to try to continue their legacy. In Antarctica, a Krypton ship is buried in the ice. Clark comes face to face with a hologram of his father, who explains everything to his son.

I don’t really want to spoil everything for you, but Zod comes back….and he is PISSED! Now remember that Clark gets his powers from the sun? Imagine about a half a dozen Super people bent on just destruction. So many innocent people get killed in this movie. Almost the entire city is destroyed, but that’s where I end this. I don’t want to spoil it all for you. This movie is a perfect 5/5. It has some slow parts, but it is all to explain the backstory and set up for the future.

Joe Reyes




11 thoughts on “Man Of Steel

  1. Brand Arc says:

    Thanks for stopping by our blog! You’ve written an excellent review here, thank you for sharing!


  2. *slight spoilers in comment*

    The most ridiculous think about Zod is that there are several other planets in our solar system that could have been terraformed for Kryptonian life (Mars perhaps) and if Zod had been less psychotic he could have done just that and asked Clark for his help with the Codex and everything would have been accomplished without all that death.

    Stupid supervillains.


    • joereyes3 says:

      yea his rage was his own undoing. could you imagine what the movie wouldve been if Zod wasnt crazy. “Hey Cal can i borrow a cup of codex?” “Okay Zod o pal of mine” and that would be the movie. what i am writng about soon with this movie is remember how sad Clark was when he killed Zod by breaking his neck? so, if he wouldve killed him with his by throwing stuff at him or burnning him with lasers would he have been any less sad. sorry to rant but i HATE that he got a job. yes he has to work there, but your a super hero! save people not interview the Kansas chilli winner.


    • chongfk98 says:

      Exactly! They could’ve just talked more! Guilt trap humans into helping them but no, they go and smack around the first chance they get. Sigh…
      It still stings me, that the movie tries too hard to cater to what it deems a retarded audience. 😦
      Welcome to read my take on this:


      • joereyes3 says:

        Zod isnt a talker haha he’s more of “i’ll kill you” type. so the daily planet survived in the end? i thought most of the city was destroyed. my rating of the movie was based on the direction it took setting up for a bigger thing. not a justice league movie, because i already wrote about earlier of why that cant happen


  3. J.T Thomas says:

    Too much action, not enough character development, plot holes galore, the christian imagery was too overt and superman murdered someone.


    • joereyes3 says:

      superman had to kill Zod. im writing a whole thing about it that come out in a few days so check it out, but there are times where its better to kill the bad guy. if he left zod alive he wouldve killed that family, clark and the rest of the world. it wasnt like he didnt want to, he had to kill him.


  4. K. Ridley says:

    Interesting review- I feel all the fans are torn 50/50 on this one. I’ve read good ones and not so good. We’ll have to see what happens with the next one!
    Thanks for commenting on mine!


    • joereyes3 says:

      yea no problem, but i feel the same way about it being split. alot of people didnt really like the movie and i found that really odd. i really didnt read many of the comics as a kid so maybe there are some things that im missing


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