Green Lantern: The Animated Series

The series takes place after the Green Lantern movie. Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, becomes a space hero solving problems and fighting evil on other worlds. I absolutely love the show. The world it creates and the characters he encounters along the way make anxious for the next week’s episode.

There is only 1 problem I have with it. A small problem that just seems odd to me. I haven’t read many of the comics….in fact I read none of the comics so I don’t know if this is a comic thing or something the creators just put into the show.

There are a lot of other Lantern groups in the universe. Not just the Green Lanterns, but other Lantern groups. They encounter Razer, of the Red Lanterns. There are many color Lanterns out there in the universe that cause problems for the Green Lanterns and the rest of the universe.

I didn’t know there were more Lanterns out there. Not Green, but other colors. It kind of made the whole allure of being a Lantern a very common thing out there. Having a few other factions out there is OK, but when you bring in the Lantern of pink…it loses something.

The show is an absolute hit. I defiantly give it a strong recommendation. I give it a 5/5. The show airs every weekend at 10am on Saturdays. Give it a watch.

Joe Reyes


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