Arrest Warrant Out For Aaron Hernandez

Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez might be facing jail time because of ‘obstruction of justice’ in the homicide investigation of Odin Lloyd. The details aren’t clear about the death of Lloyd, but Aaron is believed to have lied to police.

His aunt’s daughter seems to be a suspect and Aaron is accused of lying to police. After Lloyd was murdered a rental car paid for by Hernandez was found by then crime scene. Hernandez’s home security system was destroyed internally and his cell phone was smashed. Also a cleaning service was brought to his house after the murder occurred. Now footage from his neighborhood shows Hernandez with Lloyd hours before the murder.

Police have issued a warrant and things don’t look that positive for him. When the beginning details of this story broke it sounded bad, but now things look even worse for Hernandez. This is a man who is a top Tight End in the league, but now it looks like his career is in jeopardy because he lied to police. More on this story as it develops.

Joe Reyes




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