LeBron James Is A Cheat!

I don’t see this story on Sports Center and I don’t see any major news networks talking about this story, so I think I am the only one who put the pieces together. The fact is LeBron James is the biggest cheater in the NBA.

In his NBA Finals interview he alluded to what helped him out throughout his career. Some man named Jesus. Who is this Jesus and how does he help LeBron? Is he someone like Tony Bosch? Is this Jesus character giving LeBron performance enhancers? Is he a trainer of athletes?

The fact is this mysterious Jesus character has never been brought up for questioning. Another NBA athlete, J.R Smith, has also alluded to the mysterious Jesus helping him out. Who is this man and what are his intentions?

Are they noble? Or are they part of a bigger scheme of things that ultimately leads to the destruction of mankind…..I dare not say. All I can say for certain is that Jesus (if that is his real name) has been quoted by LeBron is what helped him out in the NBA Finals.

I call for the immediate suspension of the Heat’s NBA championship pending an investigation. Also J.R Smith’s contract money should also be suspended (if he didn’t blow all of it already) until this Jesus fellow is brought to the public eye.

Joe Reyes


8 thoughts on “LeBron James Is A Cheat!

  1. Noah Sark says:



    • joereyes3 says:

      I’m not making fun of religion. I’m saying i find it funny when an athlete wins anything and says “god wanted me to win” or “i couldn’t do it without Jesus helping me”. i’m not going to get into a whole thing about religion and questioning is there a god out there, BUT if the Christian fate is true and there is an all powerful being up there, i highly doubt he is picking and choosing who he wants to help out. ESPECIALLY something as meaningless as the outcome of a sports event. you gonna tell me God isn’t a Spurs fan? i dont want to hear athletes say God helped them win, because i dont think God cares about sports. i want to hear people who survived terrible situations. i want the people that survived that tornado a few months back say God helped them. i dont want to hear multimillionaires ever say that a God is wasting his time helping them win a game of basketball. right there that is saying that God isnt a fan of the silver and black.


      • JT Thomas says:

        They are thanking God in the sense that they attribute His role in their own lives as providing the strength to get where they are. They aren’t literally thanking Him for handing over the game.


      • joereyes3 says:

        I guess, but i again just find it ridiculous when an athlete thanks a God. Can’t they just have the strength on their own to win?


  2. Axl☆ says:

    A faceless entity that is Jesus. Hahaha!


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