World War Z Isn’t All Brains And Guts

The concept and idea of this movie was very unique, but almost a complete waste of time in the end. This review will contain many spoilers so NOW is the time to stop reading. This movie isn’t so much about fighting back; it’s more of finding out where the virus came from and if there is a way to fight it. An interesting idea, but…’s very complicated of why this is huge news.

Brad Pitt goes on an epic journey spanning from New Jersey to Jerusalem to find out the source of the virus. The zombies are very different than most other zombie movies. They run full speed and mostly tackle their victims.

A single bite can turn a victim into a zombie in 10 seconds. This can create massive amount of zombies in just minutes. They create almost a sea of zombies as they charge down the road. It’s almost impossible to fight them head on. Your only hope is running, but since they are in a full sprint relentlessly, it’s hard to outrun them.

Brad Pitt and his family survive this movie because they are Brad Pitt and his family. He really isn’t smarter than everyone else. It’s mostly bad things happen just so far away from him that he comes out OK in the end.

Pitt backtracks a series of information and gets on a military plane to the Middle East. That is where the first findings of the virus came to light and where warning emails came from. At first, many countries didn’t believe it, but when things got really bad everyone became a believer.

Korea had a genius plan of ripping out everyone’s teeth so they can’t bite anyone if they are infected. You #$%ing kidding me? This is the best plan they can come up with. The thing that kills most of the people in this movie is stupidity. While in Jerusalem, Pitt finds out they build a gigantic wall that surrounds the whole city and keeps the zombies out completely.

During morning prayers, a young girl gets on a microphone and starts singing. The zombies hear this and all converge on the part of the wall with the nearest part of the wall and try to climb up it. The zombies created a ladder of bides that they kept climbing up until they were over the wall.

Ever heard of guard towers? Ever heard of watching what’s going on outside the wall? There were thousands of zombies outside the wall. They should’ve been dropping napalm and buckets of bullets down below on the zombies.

Yes the idea is containing the virus, but you’re not. You’re containing the people. Medieval warfare, before gunpowder was invented, was fought exactly like this. They would wait outside the walls until the people had to eventually come out.

The main goal of this movie was finding out how to combat the virus, what they find eventually is a way to hide from it. Pitt eventually comes up with the theory that the zombies completely ignore people with deadly illnesses. This was the point of the movie…..a way to hide. That’s not how you combat the virus. Yes, it’s good if you’re in the middle of nowhere and can’t fight back.

This is how you combat and beat the virus. You save as many people as you can. Helicopters on constant rescue missions airlifting people out of infected areas. The cities are a lost cause. Anything in the cities is already dead. Rescue missions would just be a waste of resources. You level the cities.

In the end of the movie they show a montage of missiles hitting heavily populated zombie areas. That is what you do. With the amount of missiles we have out there, let them loose. You destroy, you bomb, and you flatten the Earth. THEN you send Agent Reyes in there with a vial of Meningitis and Butt Aids to kill the remaining zombies.

This movie gets a 3/5. It wasn’t the best zombie movie out there and it was a different take. But my biggest problem was when they figured out that making themselves sick was the way to hide from them that was the climatic ending.

Everything was solved when they realized this. The day is saved? No! There is so much more to be done. This would be a good starting point, but not a resolution. Overall the movie was OK and that’s about it.

Joe Reyes


2 thoughts on “World War Z Isn’t All Brains And Guts

  1. We just watched Warm Bodies last night, and I have to say, I may be done with zombie movies for a while…


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