Hernandez Released

After Patriot’s Tight End Aaron Hernandez was taken out of his home in handcuffs, he was quickly released by the Patriots organization. The news broke early and quickly about his arrest. I completely agree with the Patriots in their decision to release Hernandez.

The Patriots are a 0 distraction team. But this isn’t about football. A man, Odin Lloyd, was murdered and Hernandez is somewhat involved. It doesn’t matter how good Hernandez is, it doesn’t matter how much money he has brought to the organization. A man was murdered, end of story.

Hernandez even received a huge contract extension from the Patriots and this is how he repays them. I’ve heard reports that Hernandez has some gang affiliation and gun charges. This is just another story of a gangster getting a shot at something great. As expected, he blew his chance at greatness.

Baring if he is released from prison, which I do doubt. I think some legal and suspension measures will be handed down on Hernandez. I do see a team taking a chance on him. He is a talented player, but he doesn’t deserve a second chance. You can’t take the gang out of the gangster.

Joe Reyes



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