Do The Trade!

This morning I heard the purposed trade between the Nets and Celtics. It would send long time Celtic Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnet and Jason Terry to the Nets. In return the Nets would get Keith Bogans, Kris Humphries, Kris Joseph, Marshon Brooks, Gerald Wallace and 3 first round draft picks.

If I was Boston I would do the trade immediately. This is the best thing for Boston. Yes you are losing the face of your franchise for over a decade (Paul Pierce) a defensive minded leader (Kevin Garnet) and a veteran off the bench who can still score (Jason Terry), but they are old.

Any of these men can retire this season, let alone next season. In return you are getting a few young quality players and future draft picks. So what are you really losing? You’re losing Hall of Famers for a year or two and getting back the pieces to rebuild without having to take a few years off in playoff contention.

The Nets are clearly getting the bad end of this trade and are giving up entirely too much for 3 ready-to-retire-players. This trade can build Boston up for the next few years and definably make them a team to watch out for. Do the trade Boston!

Joe Reyes


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